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That makes perfect sense Brian, thank you again.
I wouldn't hae left the drive plugged in, partly because I suspect there is a drop in available processing while it is backing up, but honestly I hadn't considered the Ransomware potential. Knock on wood, I have not ever had that issue, but I truly do not open things unless I am absolutely sure it is from a reliable source.  
Thanks again for your help,

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            One thing I will tell you, which sounds quite counterintuitive, but do not leave your backup drive connected to your computer at all times, particularly if you know you don't need hourly, or even daily, backups on a routine basis.

             The reason for this is the appearance of ransomware on the scene to a greater extent than in the past.  In almost all cases, if you are unfortunate enough to be hit by ransomware, each and every drive attached to the machine will be encrypted.  The last thing you want to have encrypted is your backup drive (unless you're really anal retentive, have two, and swap them out on a routine basis - which is a PITA because you have to tell File History or whatever that its target drive has changed).

              If you have File History set up, and you keep the drive disconnected, Windows 10 will nag you (and I think the interval may be based on how you set up File History frequency) about the drive having been disconnected for too long, and to connect it.  This is actually a good thing, at least as far as I'm concerned, because I can dismiss the message yet rely on it reappearing.  I respond to it as often as I feel I need to based on how much new user data has been created since I last let File History do a backup.


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