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Playing devil’s advocate as they say, if the same answer is given and it does not answer the question, what good is it.  It would be like a blind person asking for directions and the sighted person just says, “Over there!”  Makes no difference how many times that sighted person says, “Over there” The blind person will not understand the directions. What’s involved, the person asking the question to be specific in what they want, then listening to the response and the person giving the answer has to be listening to the question in the first place not just rabbiting on with some scripted answer.  I have talked to such people so am not making that analysis up.  Communication goes both ways.  If a person brought in their computer or phoned into a help line and the person at the other end asked what the problem was, then got the response, “It does not work.” That is far too vague and it is up to the person asking to draw the person out.    


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On Thu, Aug 16, 2018 at 03:27 PM, Steve Matzura wrote:

That is the reason behind my frustration--not that you asked the questions--no, not at all--but that others asked them, I and others answered them, yet the same questions keep coming up in the thread, which indicates to me that nobody's reading the messages.

Trust me, no one more than myself understands and shares this frustration.  I am virtually driven mad on the various blind technology lists I'm on by the frequency of the same question being asked, or the same answer being given (and, yes, this is frustrating) over, and over, and over again because folks just won't read through an entire thread before making their next contribution.  I've said this, more than once, but it falls on deaf ears.  It makes understanding a conversation, and particularly in retrospect if reviewing an archive, hellishly more difficult.

The point I am now trying to make, and was trying to make, is that the nature of the information shared on this thread has been fragmentary, at best, and not entirely clear.

I full well intend to download the Windows PE from the sites mentioned and see if I can fire up either Narrator or NVDA or any kind of speech, as I have never experienced this firsthand and will openly admit that I "won't believe it until I hear it."

I am also frustrated by the fact that it seems a very large number of participants do not understand the difference between Windows 10 bootable media, which allows one to use Windows System Protection to attempt to roll back to a prior restore point, or to do things like trying to repair startup, with Windows PE, which is an entirely different animal used for entirely different (or at least almost entirely different) reasons.

I've been in this business for decades now, and when people are saying that you can do something that has, historically, been impossible it is really, really helpful if they can be crystal clear about what special workarounds are required (and it sounds like the alternate WinPE is one of those) and the specific steps needed to "pull it all together" even if a tutorial is not presented at the time.

Even though it's "heresy" on a JAWS forum, I don't care one whit whether the pre-Windows steps are accessible with JAWS or not.  I just care that they are accessible in some way with tools that can be obtained by anyone that needs them, at no cost, and are fairly straightforward for that demographic.  Very often "single environment" tools are required to do anything prior to the booting of the OS with which one is intimately (or not so intimately) familiar.

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