Re: Jaws stops talking using Word2016

Kimber Gardner

I have a very similar problem using jaws 2018, any program in office
2016 and a mainframe emulator called attachmate.

Like you, if I flip between an office application then back to
attachmate I seem to lose control of my cursor. Jaws reads only the
line where the cursor was positioned before switching windows and
won't read anything else unless I refresh the screen with the jaws key
+ escape.

The only way I've found to get jaws back on track is to log out of the
emulator and back in.

As I said, this problem isn't particular to word, at least for me. It
also happens with Skype for business, outlook and any other office


On 8/16/18, Kevin Meyers <> wrote:
Hello, I will be in a word document and flip to Outlook2016 to get
from an email. I have multiple documents in word open. After flipping back
and forth from Outlook and word Jaws has a hard time reading the word
document. I cannot use the control key and a arrow key to move from word to
word. I have to arrow up and down multiple times to have a line read. I end
up unload and loading Jaws. Then after flipping back and forth between
outlook and word it goes back to have the problem with reading. I even made
sure the word window is maximized. What could be wrong?

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