Re: Navigating in PowerPoint

Ashleigh Piccinino

Ms. Berkeley,
You can also, while in PowerPoint, hit F5. This is the slideshow tab, and press space to cycle through the slides. If you accidentally hit escape well in the slideshow, press shift plus F5 to get back to the slideshow and your current slide. Hope this also helps.
Thank you for asking,
Ashleigh Piccinino

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Sent: Thursday, August 16, 2018 6:18:39 AM
Subject: Re: Navigating in PowerPoint
The easiest way to get all the content from a PowerPoint presentation
is to export it to .pdf or .rtf.

1. Press alt+f to get to the files menu and backstage view.
2. Press 'e' or arrow to "export".
3. Press tab.  The first choice is to export to .pdf or .xps.  Tab a
second time and press enter to activate this, or
4. don't tab a second time and arrow down to other export choices.
5. if you want .rtf, choose "other" at the end of the export list,
and .rtf will be there.

the awesome thing is that all the presentation text is available!

good luck!


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