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Thanks to all for your suggestions. I am passing them on.


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Encourage them to download and install either a demo of the commercial screen readers or one of the free ones, particularly NVDA. Encourage them to use it for their testing and development. I do this with all software companies. I get a mixed reaction. Some are more willing than others, some are even shocked a blind person is interested in their software lol! Seriously though, the more you do this to more companies the much likely they will realize how important accessibility is. Good luck.

Christopher H

On 03/01/2012 14:54, sandy stegmayer wrote:
I am in contact with a person who has bought the rights to publish a previously available piece of software used by genealogists. I tried using it in the past and found it didn't work with JaAWS. I sent him an e-mail inquiring if he would/could make it accessible. He has no experience with screen readers but is willing to look into it. Do any of you know a person or place I can refer him?

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