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Steve <k8sp@...>

Other than that dialog, it doesn't do anything, it is totally in the background. I guess you can disable it under the add-on menu, but once you hear the two-second blurb that you are logged in, it doesn't do anything else. It doesn't slow down the browsing experience or anything.

If you want, go into the tools menu, look for the webvisum submenu, and you can disable Webvisum from starting when you launch Firefox.

Also, you can turn the notification verbose checkbox to unchecked which will cut back on what Webvisum tells you.
Take my advice, I don't use it anyway.

Lansing, MI

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i installed webvisum just 2 days ago and I think I know what Marcia's
concern is. I installed the firefox add-on. I find it rather annoying to
have it tell me everytime I start firefox that webvisum is logged in or else
that it is active.

I too would like to know how to turn it off and on at will instead of having
it there all the time. I turned off the verbose mode and told it not to log
in automatically but I still get an annoying dialog. I can't find in the
help any way to do what I want with it.


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Why would you bother doing that? Webvisum doesn't do a thing except sit in
the background until you send a captcha. There's no reason to turn it off.

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I was just wondering. Is there a way to turn off Webvisum when you don't
need it & turn it on when you want to solve a captcha?


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