Re: Correcting the way my synthesizer says something



             This just in directly from VFO.  Give it a try:

Thank you for contacting VFO ® Technical Support. First of all, if you create a dictionary entry of the letter “v” or “V” followed by white space, the JAWS® program will assume that every entry and the space after the letter. So occurrences like “v3” will be ignored. However, if you put a space before the letter in the “Actual Word” field, then JAWS will interpret the letter “v” or “V” as the beginning of the term.


Next, you should use the “*” (asterisk) symbol immediately after the letter to stand for any numeric combinations that would follow. Once this is done JAWS will read the items correctly. The following example illustrates this feature.


Your actual word would be “ v*”, with the replacement word as “version” (without the quotes). JAWS would then read:


“ V3” will be read as “Version “3

“ V4” will be read as “Version 4”


If you have any additional questions regarding this or any other issue, please don't hesitate to contact us.



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