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If you have a Chrome shortcut on your desktop you can go into the shortcut properties and assign whatever shortcut you want, e.g. Alt+Control+C or Alt+Control+G etc. There might be a time when you want to fall back on IE so I wold leave your IE shortcut alone and make a new one for Chrome.
Auto forms mode is a Jaws setting and has nothing to do with the shortcut key you use to open your browser unless you are talking about something else and I am completely misunderstanding your question.

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Subject: chrome switch from I.E.

Hello list:

Thinking about switching from I.E. to "chrome as default browser.

Currently, I use a "hot", or shortcut key sequence consisting of alt+
Cntrl+"I to open I.E in "auto forms mode". How do I ensure that this key
sequence results exactly the same when I make switch to "Chrome browser?

Using Dell desktop with 64 bitWindows7, and latest version Jaws.


David S. Pearson

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