Inconsistent behavior of JAWS2018 with Skype for Business 2016 after granting control to attendee

Dujari, Prateek <prateek.dujari@...>

Hello gang. Using latest release of JAWS2018, windows 10 and Office 365 pro plus installed natively on my PC.
I installed Office 365 Pro plus on my work Ultrabook. Office 365 installation adds Skype for Business 2016. I’m finding it quite accessible and usable with my latest updated version of JAWS2018 except for one big issue.
All works well when I’m in a virtual meeting with a person and am sharing my screen with them. When I give them control of my screen then any key press on my end just sets off JAWS to read every piece of text on the window in focus on my screen as if the JAWS cursor was reading every single piece of text on focused window. No key press on my end such as escape or control does anything at all to stop JAWS from speaking. The other person confirms to me that all my key presses are having the desired effect on my screen e.g. alt tab jumps across different application windows open on my screen, characters are being typed etc. It’s just that JAWS just won’t stop talking until it’s read every single piece of text in the focus window on my screen and not shut up by any key presses.
Are you familiar with this? This is a deal breaker as often I grant control to others to click on control elements of applications on my screen that are inaccessible.


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