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         This is an instance where the use of regular expression for pattern matching in the voice dictionary comes in very handy, and I think JAWS supports this, but I don't have it handy at the moment.  I know NVDA does, and I could swear that I needed to do a regular expression match in the past for one of my graduate student clients who was reading technical documents where "unusual sequences" were butchered by JAWS, but I could be confusing this with NVDA, too.  What follows applies as far as a regular expression match regardless of where you might be trying to use one.

         If you wanted to capture the lowercase  or uppercase letter 'v' followed immediately by some digit followed by any other digits or dots, until you hit a space, the regular expression would be:


and to get that to read as "version" followed by the sequence of digits you'd use the following in the replacement field:

                      version \2

This would cause v5, or V3.7.21.7 to be matched, and in the case of the first be read as version five and the second version

A discussion of regular expression syntax is way beyond what can be done in a forums post, and if you're of a "programmer's mind" there are myriad online references to both learn about the syntax, what it means, how to use it, and to test it out.   I just used the sites to test out the regular expression as I put it together and for a syntax reference.  I'm rusty, so it took me a while to figure out how to capture any sequence of digits or digits interspersed with periods/dots and have that sequence viewed as a single unit.

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