Re: a strange sound issue

Jed Barton <jedbarton@...>

yea it's off. It's strange, cause it's doing it on everything.

On 8/13/18, Tim Ford <> wrote:
If this spacy sound happens on all recordings, then I suspect a sound effect
is on. First, try playing one of the recordings in a different player,
Windows Media Player is fine. If the spacy sound is gone, then it is a
Wineamp setting. If the sound is present when using Media Player, then it
is a sound effect.

The way I get to the sound effect setting is to press insert + F11. On that
list I have the system tray icon for the sound settings. Pressing on that
gives me a list that includes "open volume controls". Arrow down on that
opening list and I get "special sound". Make sure that is off. If it is
on, that is probably the reason.

Your settings may be different since I have a different computer, but that
is the area of Windows you want to check.

Tim Ford

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Jed, it could be that the echoings were recorded when the track was
created due to some technical issue. try playing another voice track to
see if the echo is there. maybe downloading a talk podcast from
somewhere if you don't have another voice track.

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Hey guys,

OK, having an interesting issue. So i have this new del laptop. jfw
is working great on it. However, i am plying some sound files using
winamp. On every file, there seems to be a slight echo on everything.
I was just listening to some dry voice tracks and there is an echo.
It's driving me nuts cause nothing appears obvious why there is a
revverb type sound, no plugins are active. Any ideas?


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