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Nino Dagostino

Hi Brian:


Are there any tricks that you could share when trying to download some of these programs that are free where the site makes it difficult to get the free version.


I hope I explained well enough.


Often I go to a web site where you can get a free version of the software but they make it so difficult to get the free version.


Today when I tried to get the free sostware and would click on the download link nothing would happen.


Thank you for helping us with the program.




From: <> On Behalf Of Brian Vogel
Sent: Friday, August 10, 2018 11:33 AM
Subject: Re: easeus free backup software


Richard Turner already provided a direct click-through link that absolutely does initiate the download of EaseUS To Do Backup Free v11:


the following also works, and I just went through all of the "hoop jumping" to get to the final download link: 

The moment you activate either one you are presented with a save dialog for the tb_free.exe installer.

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