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I have asked on the NVDA group whether anyone there is actually using EaseUS To Do Backup.  If anyone here is actually using it they'd be the subject matter experts and should please chime in.

There are, at least for me, accessibility issues with activating the main controls, which includes setting up a backup (but I thought I had recalled it asking you to do this as part of the initial setup, too, so I'd hoped it would be avoided for folks doing a one-shot deal for backing up).  Unless a backup plan is set up the keys that allow you to run it, which are entirely accessible, will not exist.

EaseUS recently went to a more UWP interface, and knowing that most folks have found ways to get to controls on UWP programs when I sometimes have not been able to on my initial try makes me suspect there's probably, not certainly, but probably, a way to do so in EaseUS.

Most backup and restore programs are far more complex as far as what they can do, and the complexity carries over to the controls, than most typical users ever need.  The main reason I like EaseUS is that it's interface is simple by comparison to most (and had been pretty accessible until the UWP-style transition).   The sad fact is that for virtually all of them if you need to do a full system image recovery due to hard drive (or SSD) corruption or failure you will need sighted help anyway.  Most rely on on  Windows PE (Windows Preinstallation Environment) to do a system image restore if you've had some sort of catastrophic drive failure on your main drive, and Windows PE does not support screen readers or speech output.


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