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As for opening web pages, I do this in various ways, here are the most common:


1. I open Google Chrome with my Windows Key+1 shortcut, then press F6 which takes me to the addressbar and I type in the exact website address if I know it.

2. If I don’t know the exact address I do a Google search, find the result I want using heading quick nav keys and press enter on the one that is the correct one.

3. I may also have shortcuts saved on my desktop which take me to commonly used websites

4. I use the Roboform password manager and many websites which require login I access directly from Roboform by pressing Jaws Key+F11 to bring u pthe system tray items, I press “R” for Roboform, go to the Logins menu item and find the website I want by first letter navigation. If I am logged into Roboform with my Master password the website opens, user name and password are filled in for me and the form is submitted.


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On Thu, Aug 9, 2018 at 12:00 PM, Sharon wrote:

Is there a way to export IE favorites into either Firefox or Google Chrome?

The simple, snarky version of the answer is, "Yes."

The slightly more complex, but incomplete one, is exactly how you will do it depends on whether you already have Firefox or Chrome installed or not.  Both Firefox and Chrome (and virtually any alternative web browser I've dealt with during the last 5 years, at least) will ask as part of their install process if you wish to import favorites from browsers it detects are already installed on your system.  You can choose to import them and they will automagically be in the bookmarks for that newly installed browser.

If you installed Firefox or Chrome as your backup browser a long while ago, but didn't bother to import then, you can use the export function from the bookmarks/favorites manager of the other browser and the import function under Firefox, Chrome, or other alternate browser and there they'll be [including your folder structure, if you've used one].

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