windows narrator , windows update and jaws 2018 and text to speech voice issues

Marvin Hunkin <neilmarvin@...>

Hi., uninstalled this update, and keep getting this damn error. And now did uinstall, and did try trouble shooting, did try resetting the windows update components. And also set Microsoft hazel as my default voice, if I turn on narrator, jaws got stuck, and now won’t let me change the voices using jaws in the combo box, do I need to do a jaws reapir and also do a report for Microsoft feedback. And when I login used to hear narrator, now just hear the clicks. Don’t want to do a windows reset, not really, taking me weeks to then load all my programming projects from my previous course and then all apps. A bit extreme . any ideas. Now used to have the kathren English Australian voice, now just hear the windows narrator lcikcs, and got my high definition audio, should I set the sound card to windows. Please help me out. Frustrating. And also did a script to reset the windows background, windows update, then, what else to try. This is annoying. Please give me some ideas. Annoying. And gets stuck at the Microsoft George, and it won’t move down the list, and when I go to text to speech in control panel, only Microsoft David and zera. None of the other voices, and did install Microsoft hazel and added the English uk voice and keyboard. Any ideas. Frustrating. Marvin.

Ps: pasting the windows update error. Should I do a feedback hub and have to sign in, to then report, and which category to report. Very annoying. Not on the insiders program, as this is my main Toshiba laptop. Marvin.


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