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you don't have to go through all of this with the p e program at all to restore your c drive.
i don't know how accessible casper cloneing software is now. i still use version 8.
it will clone to a solid state drive too and will still boot. there is something about the solid state drive needing a different kind of boot record? casper handles this.
it does include imageing too. but with me the image backup part of the program will crash. it might just be on my computer.
you do have to have someone go into the system bios and change the boot order so it boots from your external drive first then the c drive.
i just leave it this way. you have to be in this mode if you have to install windows from scratch anyway.
but when you restore your c drive with casper you boot into windows, with speech from the backup drive. then use casper to restore the c drive from the backup.
if the drive won't restore, maybe because the file allocation table is bad you can also erase the partitions first before you restore and this will do a full restore from scratch.
or you could use casper to clone to a new bigger drive and use the new drive as your c drive. etc.
talking about a stack of backup drives? how many old backups do you really need?
i have one backup of the factory installation and 2 backups of the drive as it is today with all of my programs installed.
you could get some terabyte drives and partition them to several partitions. casper does not need the full size of the c drive to do a backup. it does not need to include the free space.
i am only useing 120 gb of disk space. so i could put 16 backups on a 2tb drive if i made 16 partitions. grin.
the first partition would be the one the computer would boot from.
then you could choose from the other 15 backups to restore the c drive if you really want to.

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So you expect me to believe that all you did was create a rescue CD using Reflect, then popped it into your DVD drive, and boom, just like that without any sighted help or intervention of any kind, your computer was restored to normal from the backup image stored on your external hard drive? No way. There is always a user interface on a CD, unless it is a music CD, which will begin playing when you insert it into the DVD drive. But I have never heard of a rescue CD automatically restoring a backup image without some kind of user intervention.


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On Thu, Aug 9, 2018 at 01:20 PM, Gerald Levy wrote:
the Macrium rescue disk boots into Linix.No, it most certainly does not, at least not in any default installation for Windows I've ever seen or recovery I've ever done. In fact, as part of setting up Macrium for the first time, you have to download Windows PE if you don't already have it in order to make the recovery disc.


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