YouTube Video navigation commands: access with JAWS

Tim Ford

The accessible YouTube player works by doing the following:


1.        Press the JAWS key and the letter z.  JAWS will respond “quick keys off”.  This is a toggle command, so pressing the same keys again will result in “quick keys on”.  You want the “off” mode.

2.        The back, play/pause, and forward is done by pressing the j, k, or l key.  Sometimes you can hit the space bar and the video will pause, press again to start.  However, most of the time in my experience the jkl keys are what works.

This will work any time you hear through JAWS that the web page is using the YouTube Player.



Tim Ford



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Sent: Thursday, August 9, 2018 9:32 AM
Subject: Re: Youtube


Hi, Laura. All I need to do to get Youtube to play a video is press ENTER on the link for the video. What browser are you using to try to play the video?


Bill White



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How do you get Youtube to play a video? …… Using Jaws 18 and Windows 10.




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