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On Thu, Aug 9, 2018 at 12:26 PM, Jonas Voll wrote:
Can you not run your Macrium rescue disk In Windows PE?
I really don't understand this question.  I just stated that the Reflect Recovery software runs under Windows PE or, if you prefer, in Windows PE, which is a skeleton version of Windows that contains a few central features of the OS, not near to a full version of Windows.

The whole point of system image recovery is to restore a previously taken full image of a functional system to a drive that, for whatever reason except physical failure, has become corrupted.

You have to have some sort of OS running, and in the case of Macrium Reflect that OS is Windows PE.   For most Windows backup and recovery suites it's Windows PE, and generally run from either a bootable USB device or CD/DVD.  Windows PE is what's running the actual recovery software that takes the previously saved image and restores it to the drive.

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