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Jonas Voll

Ok, if you can run it in PE, you may not need site to use the software, just depends if the softwear will read buttons and be accessabel!


My understanding is that you do run the Macrium Rescue under Windows PE, but it's been so long I could be mistaken.

Can you not run your Macrium rescue disk In Windows PE?

Here are some quotes from various support sites describing how Macrium Reflect recovery works that seem to support my supposition:

For system images that contain boot data, the restoration algorithm will automatically reboot the system, launching Windows PE in its place, restoring the image and then rebooting as normal. In this tutorial, both methods will be covered.

System images of, for example, the C drive, contain operating system files so it is not possible to restore files in real time because they will be in use by the operating system. To resolve this Macrium Reflect boots Windows PE, a cut down version of Windows. It then restores the file system before rebooting again and loading the restored Windows OS. Although this sounds complex, it really is very simple to perform.

If the restore includes system partitions, the computer boots into a memory-resident Windows PE environment before restoring the system partitions and restarting to the restored system state.

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