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Is there a way to export IE favorites into either Firefox or Google Chrome?

Would hate to lose all these favorites.



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On Thu, Aug 9, 2018 at 11:18 AM, James Homuth wrote:

If by fading you mean dead, then yes.

IE has been "dead browser walking" for some time now.   Until Microsoft pulls it from a Windows 10 release, or at least announces that it will be doing so, I'm not willing to pronounce it dead just yet.

That being said, people should have stopped using IE11 a long time ago.   Yes, I get that it's familiar and comfortable, but the moment a maker like Microsoft announces that development, except for security patches, has ceased on what had been its flagship web browser the writing is on the wall.   Far better to get yourself acquainted with the alternatives and how to use them while you still have IE11 to fall back on.   The day is coming, and soon, where it's going to be a "switch or have nothing" situation for die-hard IE users.  When you add to this that there are already a multitude of websites that don't work correctly with IE11 since it hasn't kept up with changing developments in webpage coding, the need to move ASAP becomes even more obvious.

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