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I love Macrium Reflect, but I stopped using it because its interface is insanely complicated and I needed something "simpler" for other members of the household.

Several other backup programs, and free ones, will do disc clones, but disc clones (unless you have a stash of plug-n-play hard drives lying around for the machine you're backing up) are not the best way to back up a computer, particularly over time.  Hence the reason that backup software exists and that (depending on your software and whether you've paid or not) differential and incremental backup types are supported.  EaseUS To Do Backup includes a disc clone function and I think that AOMEI Backupper does, too.  I haven't seen a backup tool that doesn't have a disc cloning feature in a while, but I'm sure they exist.

With Macrium Reflect you do have the option to install the full recovery tool (Windows PE environment) on your PC so that you do not need a separate recovery disc.  This will only work, of course, if the reason for your recovery is something other than a disc drive failure.  I also have no idea whether it would be any more accessible than what runs from an actual separate recovery disc, and I strongly suspect it would not be.


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