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Is there a tutorial on Chrome anywhere?
Does control o work to open a file?
Or control l like in Firefox?
I am looking for a way to load files faster.
Wasn't in inaccessible until recently?

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There are no effects on other applications.
Chrome is a much faster browser, sites will load faster and there are many
more extensions available.
The same Jaws commands work with Chrome, e.g. all the quick nav keys for
finding buttons, form fields, headings etc. and also things like Jaws Key+F7
for a links list etc.
I suggest you go to Settings and sign in with your Google account after you
install Chrome as this will sync any information like what extensions are
installed etc. across devices or if you ever get a new computer.
If you use Favourites a lot you may not like Chrome, its bookmark manager is
in some ways less intuitive to use as Favourites in IE.
You can get Chrome by going to, go to the very top and
use "b" to find the "Download Chrome" button.
Installing Chrome does not mean you can't use IE any more, you can make
either browser your default but use the other if needed. I use Chrome 99% of
the time, but still may fall back on IE or Firefox occasionally. For
example, on my Bank of Montreal Mastercard website Jaws will not read me my
Mastercard transaction details if I use Chrome. This is a table and Jaws
will read me the headings like transaction date, posting date, description
and amount, but then there is nothing else. With IE and Firefox I can use
proper table navigation to read this information.
I think it is a good idea to start to get used to Chrome since IE is no
longer being developed and it is just being maintained for now, a few more
years and it will most likely go away completely.
Firefox also works with the latest Jaws 2018 update and some people prefer
it over Chrome,but Chrome is definitely the big browser out there when it
comes to market share.


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Subject: IE vs. "Chrome"

Hello all:

Using Dell desktop(Windows7), and current version of Jaws. Browser is
currently I.E.

What are the advantages/disadvantages of changing to "Chrome", how would I
make the switch, and are there any negative ramifications (concerning other
pc programs) to doing so?

Thank you,

David S. Pearson

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