Re: Do I need Java? Do I have it already?

Bill White <billwhite92701@...>

I don't know if you need Java or not. My bank uses Java to enable its website for paying bills to work. This is actual Java, not Java script. The way to tell if you have Java is to go to your Control Panel in Windows. If you can use first-letter navigation in your control panel, tap the J key and see if Java Control Panel comes up. If it does, you have Java. If not, you don't.

Bill White

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Subject: Do I need Java? Do I have it already?

Hello All,

I used to see Java Bridge and such under the ease of access center, but I do not find it. I have not thought of Java for a long time, not since I bought my current Windows 10 machine. I am using JAWS 17. Do I need Java? If I have it, where is it?

Tim Ford

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