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          I have pretty much given up on making assertions about accessibility since things change such that something that had been entirely accessible might become less so to just plain "not."  That being said, if you're trying to make full system image backups and/or separate user data backups for a home system I'd definitely give EaseUS To Do Backup Free a whirl just to see whether it's accessible.

          It's what I use not because it's the best (as in most sophisticated and allows the most configuration) backup software out there but because of the ease of use of its interface.  My partner is, how shall I put it, not particularly technically inclined and he can run a routine backup with it because once you set it up it's just a "click and run" affair.

           In doing a quick whirl around the main program page with NVDA just now I can easily land on the Recovery, Backup, and Advanced buttons.  I cannot seem to get over to the main column of setup buttons on the left side, but I'm not great with any of the newer navigation methods like Object Navigation, so these may be accessible via a method I don't normally use or could be entirely inaccessible.  In the event that they are entirely inaccessible, if you have assistance to set up your backup schemes you can definitely run them without any assistance, as that pane allows accessibility to all buttons.


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