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Steve Matzura

Yes, IFW is what you want. There are only two versions for Windows--GUI and CUI. Unless you like command-line-interface-driven things, go for the GUI , which is perfectly accessible. When you install it, go into Settings and enable the accessible checkboxes option. The only screen in the whole system where behavior is a little odd is in the summary screen of twenty-two checkable options. The checkboxes don't show up as checkboxes; rather, an X appears next to each checked option, and you have to use your screenreader's own cursor to read its presence or absence. Try it for a month, then you'll see.

On 8/8/2018 9:05 AM, Richard Turner wrote:
I vaguely remember discussion about backup software for Windows 10, perhaps Terabyte Unlimited Image for Windows?
I tried exploring their web site and keep ending up with file downloads, but which version is accessible? Or, is there another recommended backup package that is accessible? The one I have came with an external drive from Western Digital and is not very accessible.
Thanks for any help,

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