accessibility for firm developing software

Marvin Hunkin <neilmarvin@...>

Hi. yes, accessibility should be from the ground up. Doing a interactive gaming course, from and using the unity game engine from, and have been in contact with the development team, and there’s a new tool, not free from the pacello group. And a web enar coming on august 15, about a new tool, where you don’t need jaws installed. Called jaws inspect. About $5,000 for a one year licence and multiple licences. Yes, accessibility should be at the forefront. A person who lost their sight in 2015, and uses jaws, and was a animator and using unity, well, I found a lot of  problems, pitfalls, and then like having a sighted friend to remote as got a group of students and my lecturer, and using the windows 10 skype app, which I am using with windows 10 and jaws 2018. Very accessible. And also able to get sighted help to connect to visual studio. Like there’s a start screen, and does default to the c:\start\users\onedrive\documents folder, and then able to then load the folder in visual studio, and have to use the jaws ocr cursur to read the console, error messages, and to save assets. And the open dialog, once in the editor, does not read with jaws or nvda, even struggles with windows narrator. They are aware of these issues, and are looking to test a project with jaws, have not heard back recently, from the customer support person, and she’s communicating to the development team, there’s a lot of blind game developers, and they said they will make it more accessible, this person danniel has been waiting for improvements for unity three years. So yes, accessibility, developing a large complex project, like a game engine, should put accessibility, at the ground up, and not just an add-in or after thought, then they have to do major modifications. Yes, and wonder I know the x box is accessible with narrator, wonder if the play station 4, has windows narrator as well, and wonder if the Nintendo swift has built in text to speech, and wonder if the latest wi console, has that as well. My two cents worth.marvin from Adelaide, Australia.


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