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Dave Durber

Hello Richard:

Go to:

Press CTRL+F, in the search edit field, type "java" (without the quotes), press the SPACE BAR, to check the check box, then press the letter B, to take you to the button which will download the checked file. Please note, the button is unavailable if no check box is checked.

I use the executeable file from Ninite to update Java on all our systems. I am pretty certain that all the downloaders from exclude any bloatware, such as additional tool bars and third party software.


Dave Durber

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Subject: Re: Java update question

I too get a Java update notification. But, I have been reluctant to do it
because I do not know how it will handle the Java Access Bridge. Does
anyone know if the update will properly update the JAB? I use Windows 7 Pro
64 bit under JAWS 15.


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Hi David,

When Java is ready to update I find it in the "System Tray." Press JAWS-key
+ F11 and arrow up and down. Hopefully you will find it there.


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Subject: Java update question

Greetings all:

Jaws keeps telling me that a new version of "Java" is ready to be installed,

and to do this "click here" which I obviously can't see. When this
notification is announced again what is the best method to locate the "here"

button to commence the download/install?

Sincerely yours,

David S. Pearson

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