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Happened to me, also but when I was upgrading from 11 to 12. I had to first
activate my 11 and then install 12. Then all was fine.

Even though my version 11 never complained, it was not correctly activated

Give that a try since you have keys remaining. You'll only need to burn one
key to activate version 11 and then version 13 will install without any

Dave Carlson
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Thanks Dondi, it's happened before when I had upgrades availible, but it's
quite frustrating to be told it's worked then have that box appeare saying
it hasn't.

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Hi Lori,

I just went through the same thing. I had to contact Freedom Scientific
this very thing. They told me that my keys were all used up and I needed
the serial number of my current version of JAWS. You might have to check
with them as well.

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Hi I'm upgrading from Jaws 11 to 13, but when I run the activation wizard
and activate by the net I get a box telling me the activation was
successful, then when I exit that another box comes up saying my
authorisation code was for an older version. I've checked my serial
and everything is correct, so I'm not sure what else could be going wrong.
Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks from Lori.

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