Re: What was that Skype app that is available through the Store?

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Sadly, the Microsoft help desk is not completely free of those who should not be on the line.  Most are helpful but, some just plod through and frankly screw up things.  Yes, I have brought this to the attention of Microsoft even , going into detail of the nuisance operator they have on their phone system. 


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Sent: August 3, 2018 3:51 PM
Subject: What was that Skype app that is available through the Store?


Hello All,


A few days ago someone posted on this list an email describing a more accessible Skype approach, something that is downloaded through the Microsoft Store.  I messed up and lost that message, so those nice instructions are gone.  Can that kind person email it again?  I updated to Skype 8.25 and hate it.  I just got off the phone with the Microsoft accessibility office, but the technician did not know of any such animal, saying that she would back off 8.25 and put me back to version 7.  I thought I must not be explaining it correctly, but after a bit of conversation, it was apparent she did not know.  Hence, my need for that original email!



Tim Ford


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