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kevin meyers

Many years ago when I got my BS degree in business management systems, there was only one time the students could use notes for a quiz. I had all my notes in a MS word file. I took the quiz a day before the class. I worked with student support services for them to read me the questions. I would then do searches in the file that contained my notes. It was understood that I would need a little more time because I’m blind. Did you ask for the additional time? As far as I know there is no other way to search than pressing control F. Remember to always ask for what you want.


Kevin Meyers


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Subject: searching chapters in a book using Jaws




I am not sure if anybody could help me just need your advice.


I am taking a web design class, the book is in word form.

To look at there book.


I don’t know of a fast way to search the chapter.


We only get 30 minutes for a 20 question quiz.


Any thoughts would be appreciated.



When taking quizzes the students are allowed

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