Re: all Skypes work together??

David Moore

Hi Morey!

In Skype 8.25, you can easily get to leaving voice messages. It is not an option in the Skype app, or so I don’t think so.

I like Skype 8.25, because you can use all web navigation key strokes, like B for button, because the program is laid out as a web page, but you are not in any browser.

So, in Skype 8.25, when I press E for edit, it goes right to the place where I enter a message for somebody. If you press B from the top a few times, you are right at your list of contacts.

Also, Alt+1 and Alt+2, puts you on your contacts and messages.

8.25, works more like Skype 7 than the Win10 Skype app.

It is laid out like a web page, but you do not have to arrow through everything, because you can use B for button, C for combo box, E for edit, and so on to jump right to where you need to go.

This is true if the virtual PC cursor is on in JAWS, and if Brows mode is on for NVDA.

Now, if you turn off the virtual PC cursor in JAWS, you have to tab to everything like in the Win10 app from the store.

It is better to leave the virtual PC cursor on, so you can do the single navigational key commands.

That is not all.

You can set as many place markers as you want in the 8.25 version of Skype, because you have the web layout.

For example, you can set a place marker at certain contacts you want to jump to, settings, and where ever you want to jump by pressing K for placemarker.

That is a huge advantage over the Skype 7.

All of you will like 8.25, once you use it for a while,

I just know you will, because of being able to set place markers alone. Remember, if you do not even want to install Skype on your computer, just go to:

And you can use the same layout as Skype 8.25, right in your browser and not have anything installed on your computer!

You have a lot of choices here, now, for using Skype!

I really enjoyed using 8.25, with JAWS 2018, because it was so much more snappy for me than Skype 7.

I know nothing about the iPhone Skype app.

I just use a flip phone as well, and will probably never have a smart phone LOL!

I hope I have answered some questions for you.

You can do anything in Skype 8.25 that you can do in Skype 7.

Once you start pressing B for button, and set place markers like on a web site,

You will like Skype 8.25 better than Skype 7.

Have a great one, guys!

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From: Morey Worthington
Sent: Thursday, August 2, 2018 4:02 PM
Subject: Re: all Skypes work together??


Hi David. I very much appreciate  the way you answer questions, all your

tutorials, and all the work you put in doing all of it.

Now for another Skype for Dummies regarding UWP and 8.2. I only have a

desktop computer using Windows 1803, Jaws 2018 and probably will never

use a IPhone.

The closest I come to it is a flip phone for emergencies.

So in my case, what  is the real difference between the 2 systems,

meaning UWP and 8.2, remembering this is for dummies. I am currently

using 7.4, which understood is going away, and have no issues at all.

So, what can I expect  other than the keystroke differences, , meaning

what can I do in UWP and not in 8.2, example, any more voice mails???

If you could throw inn a couple examples, it sure would clarify things

for me, and I hope others.

Thanks very much.

Morey Worthington





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