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i installed webvisum just 2 days ago and I think I know what Marcia's
concern is. I installed the firefox add-on. I find it rather annoying to
have it tell me everytime I start firefox that webvisum is logged in or else
that it is active.

I too would like to know how to turn it off and on at will instead of having
it there all the time. I turned off the verbose mode and told it not to log
in automatically but I still get an annoying dialog. I can't find in the
help any way to do what I want with it.


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Why would you bother doing that? Webvisum doesn't do a thing except sit in
the background until you send a captcha. There's no reason to turn it off.

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I was just wondering. Is there a way to turn off Webvisum when you don't
need it & turn it on when you want to solve a captcha?


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