Re: rotating the screen?


in jaws, you need to press insert plus numrow 3 so the next keystroke is past through to the operating system.
I don't believe anythng is mentioned when the keystroke is preformed. it simply rotates the screen. ctrl+alt+uparrow will set the screen upright where down arrow will will turn it upside down.

Legend has it that on Thursday 8/2/2018 04:09 PM, Ann Byrne said:
When I press ctrl+alt+up arrow, JAWS says "not in a table", and Narrator says nothing at all.
At 03:50 PM 8/2/2018, you wrote:
you should be able to place the screen upright with ctrl+alt+uparrow.
I believe.

Legend has it that on Thursday 8/2/2018 02:45 PM, Ann Byrne said:
What are the keystrokes for rotating the screen from 90 degrees? It's driving the boss crazy!



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