Adding links on

Nickus de Vos <bigboy529@...>

Hi all firstly I use windows 7 ultimate, internet explorer 9 and jaws
13. I'm trying to insert links in my posts on
The way to do this is to highlight the text you want to turn in to the
link and then to click on the link button and type the URL. With jaws
I highlight the text with shift + arrows, then I arrow up to where the
link button is, I then route jaws to pc with jaws key + numpad -, then
left click with numpad /. I then enter the URL and test the link,
after I see that it works I press ok. It enters the link but the
problem is it enters the link in the first line of the post no matter
where the highlighted text was. In the help files it also says you can
highlight the text then press control + shift plus A to enter the box
where you enter the links URL but this doesn't seem to work. If
there's no way to do this with jaws the last resort would be to
manually enter the link each time but this would be a huge mission so
if someone can help please do.


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