Re: all Skypes work together??

Morey Worthington

Hi David. I very much appreciate  the way you answer questions, all your tutorials, and all the work you put in doing all of it.
Now for another Skype for Dummies regarding UWP and 8.2. I only have a desktop computer using Windows 1803, Jaws 2018 and probably will never use a IPhone.
The closest I come to it is a flip phone for emergencies.
So in my case, what  is the real difference between the 2 systems, meaning UWP and 8.2, remembering this is for dummies. I am currently using 7.4, which understood is going away, and have no issues at all.
So, what can I expect  other than the keystroke differences, , meaning what can I do in UWP and not in 8.2, example, any more voice mails???
If you could throw inn a couple examples, it sure would clarify things for me, and I hope others.
Thanks very much.
Morey Worthington

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