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Fair or not doesn't come into play here, I lost my sight along with 2 fingers on each hand in an accident when I was 16 and it was entirely my own stupid fault. Is it fair I can't jump into my truck and drive out into the mountains to go hunting or hiking? Is it fair that I can't see a cute girl smiling at me from across the street? OK, so that last one wouldn't happen anyways if it weren't for my beautiful seeing-eye dog *smile*.
Anyhow, what I am saying here is that we are blind (or visually impaired) and that is what we are. Is it fair that some people can't just get up from the couch to walk to the toilet because they need a wheelchair or that others like one of the Paul's on here are not only blind but also profoundly deaf? Maybe it's not fair, but it just is and so we make the best of it and are happy or we don't and are miserable.

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We will never have the same access to computers that the sighted have.
That will never change. Is it fair, no.

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