Re: all Skypes work together??

David Moore

I just wanted to let you know, that if you use the three new Skype platforms, your messages will sync to all three Skype platforms, and between all of your devices.

For example, I can chat on the Windows 10 Skype app,

And then get on my other computer, bring up Skype 8.25,

And all of my messages are all there.

There is even Skype for Web, where the layout is just like Skype 8.25, but you can use it in your browser, and not have it installed on your computer.

You can get on two or three devices, and all you do on Skype is synced on all of those devices.

That is a huge reason not to use Skype 7 anymore.

You are stuck to using one device, and not a phone at all.

Have a great one!

David Moore


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From: inamuddin khan
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Subject: Re: all Skypes work together??


Yes but until September first!

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From: john clayton
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Subject: Re: all Skypes work together??


they probably should,yes.


On 1 August 2018 at 15:07, Morey Worthington <worthington@...> wrote:

Hi All.

If I am still using Skuype 7.4, and one of you is using Skype UAP, and one of you is using Skype 8.2 will they still be friendly with each other? Meaning, can we still connect with each other using the different versions??

Just a thought



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