Re: Help with contacting the owners of webvisum

Soronel Haetir

If you are interested, the correct URL for downloading the plugin is

which is slightly different from the URL triggered by the install
button (that is missing the '.' between '1' and 'xpi').

I do find it somewhat odd how the software still works but there is no
movement from the official contacts.

On 1/3/12, Adrian Spratt <> wrote:
You're not alone. Several people have tried to reach them. It's as though
they've disappeared, and yet Webvisum continues to work with later versions
of Firefox, including 8.

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Subject: Help with contacting the owners of webvisum

Hi everyone, and a happy new year.

I have tried many times to write a directly e-mail to the owners of the
project called "Webvisum", and I have also tried to send mails to the
mailing list for the project, but the server not working correctly.

When I write via the website (, nothing happend.

Does any person have a contact information to the owners, so I can tell that
the server not working?

Very thanks.


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