Re: "Cart" page

Hope Williamson <isepic@...>

Hi Brian, yeah it can be long if there are more than a few items. However, I'd rather go through everything before checkout and make sure I have all the right stuff in there etc. That's just me being extra thorough though, and paying attention, so I don't have to return something because I got 2 instead of just one or whatever. The navigating by graphics trick does seem to work, I just tested it.
    I don't use Edge for anything either, and I only tend to use IE if I'm listening to a long stream, (I have several of those I like to listen to.) Chrome is my default right now simply because it opens links in Thunderbird without asking me to refresh it every single time like Firefox does for some strange reason. Lol yeah I know that whole thing about clicking links in email, but there are just some you have to click.

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