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Well, I have the same problem as you, Maria, when it comes to the fan. And to make matters worse, Mine is a solid state drive, so no vibration either. People seem to forget that speech can shut down without the laptop shutting down. Also, if you try to force a shutdown when Windows is updating and speech is gone, you risk having to reinstall windows.


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Not to be difficult here, but my new Lenovo laptop has the heat vent on the bottom, and I can feel the heat on the bottom when lifting it, but no air flow.  Also, I almost think I feel the vibration of the drive, but wouldn't want to stake my life on it.  I hear no fan.  However, if I listen very carefully, I can hear a bit of a click as my external speaker turns off when the laptop shuts down.  That's what separates us from the monkeys--finding work arounds.



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On 8/1/2018 12:02 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:

Back to laptops.  It will be the rarest of individuals who cannot feel whether the stream of very warm to hot air that ceaselessly issues from the heat sink vent on a laptop has stopped.  If it's on, even at idle, you will feel heat from this vent.  A CPU/APU is never anywhere near to room temperature when running and the fan is always on, even if at low speed.

The most reliable way to tell if a laptop is actually off is to check with your fingertips or palm placed just beside this vent exit.  If you don't feel anything the probability that the machine is off is as close to 100% as it's possible to get.

Most desktops are "noisy" enough that you can tell by listening if their fans are off.  They also have such large airflow and multiple vent points that the temperature differential of air coming out doesn't feel that much different than ambient air temperature indoors.  Laptops virtually always "feel hot" because of the confined spaces involved and the small fans involved, too.

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