Re: shut down sound for windows 10

Maria Campbell

I am amazed at the fact that the partially sighted on the list are so out of it so as to completely forget about the totally blind and how they have to deal with accessibility or the lack of it.

Maria Campbell

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On 8/1/2018 11:56 AM, Sieghard Weitzel wrote:

Hi Ashleigh,


First of all, you must be partially sighted, but is it so hard to imagine all of us fully blind users who simply have no way to see any lights go out or not go out?

Also, if you use a desktop the monitor might go black, but any LED lights remain on since the monitor has it’s own power. I assume you would see the monitor going black, but once again a completely blind person of course will not.



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 Normally, you should be able to hear the motor in your computer stop as it shuts down. Can you do this? If not, you should be able to see the light on your monitor go out. 


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