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Hi  Aleeha,


I have seen posts on Viphone where people complained that theire is no startup sound on the iPhone, don’t think I ever seen somebody wanting a shutdown sound, however. Of course it’s easy on the iPhone to check and in any ways, I never have seen any of my iPhones not shut down after I double tapped the “Power off” button. To check you can just wait 6 or 8 seconds and then flick the mute switch, if the iPhone was not shutdown you would feel the little vibration. In any case, maybe with the iPhone people don’t complain because very few people shut it down for any extended period of time whereas desktops and PC’s are still shutdown by many people on a regular bases instead of simply putting them to sleep. nobody


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What about the fact that the iPhone and Mac don’t and have never had, shut down sounds? Why are we not bashing Apple as well? The point that has been made that Microsoft should focus on more important accessibility features rather than focusing on the shut down sound. The shut down sound is not an accessibility feature. And you’re right: they’re spending more time on accessibility features than worrying about a petty little concern that doesn’t even conclusively indicate anything. The computer is not shut down when you hear the sound. It is only shut down when the fans and hard drive stop.



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Someone said if you uncheck fast startup in the power settings the

startup and shutdown sound options return.  On my system they do not.

I wonder how many people that have fast startup enabled know that this

does not do the same as a restart?  If you have fast startup enabled you

should on a regular basis do a system restart.  I have fast startup

disabled as I think a full shutdown gives you better overall

performance.  Can't think that a few more seconds for bootup is a

terrible thing.





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