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Sieghard Weitzel <sieghard@...>

What exactly do you mean by "normal stuff"?
I also have pointed out that in some ways Windows 10 is a step back for accessibility especially with legacy applications where in Windows 7 the Jaws cursor could often be used to great effect. However, let's face it, accessibility has never received as much attention by these large organisations (Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon etc.) as it is getting now and over the last 6 or 8 years. Apple started the ball rolling with Voiceover and while Microsoft the corporation is neither blind nor sighted since it doesn't have eyes, there are plenty of blind employees who are part of Microsoft and who probably do their best to push accessibility forward. Why a few people get their panties in such a wad over this shutdown sound is a mystery to me especially since instructions as to how to get it back have been posted and Brian has even posted his registry file which does it all for you. The result may not always be reliable for everybody, but those who want it should at least try it. Furthermore, as far as knowing whether a computer has shut down is not necessarily determined by its shutdown sound. I had situations where in Windows 7 the shutdown sound played and then a sighted employee told me my computer screen displayed some message which required action and the computer had not shut down. As Brian said, if you are that concerned and require the feedback and if you don't have a DVD drive, then plug in a USB stick and see if the computer plays any sounds.

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Problem is that Microsoft isn't blind.  They really have no idea how hard it can be for us.  If they did I think they'd put more effort into it.  I know they have come a long way but it would be nice if they made the normal stuff more useable as well, not just their own stuff.

On 7/31/2018 11:18 AM, Gerald Levy wrote:

MS doesn't give a rat's ass what the public thinks.  If it did, it
would have replaced the much-despised ribbon menu structure with the
more convenient and less cumbersome classic menu structure that most
of its customers, sighted and blind alike,  prefer. On the contrary,
MS seems to go out of its way to frustrate and tick off its customers
just to prove that they can do anything they damn well please and get
away with it.


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Hi all,
I am a very infrequent poster on this list, but I needed to contribute
on this one.
The lack of a shutdown sound does NOT indicate a lack of accessibility
You could always use a light detector app to determine if the screen
is off, or place your ear close to the computer to hear the different
sounds stop. Systems change. That’s a fact. The Mac, for example, does
not make the startup sound on the new machines. It’s sad, but it’s
true. In an age where people want faster operating systems and less
noise from machines, Microsoft has to go with what the public wants,
not a niche market. If you really think that Microsoft or any other
company is stepping back in terms of accessibility, I’d strongly
encourage you to do a bit of research into current accessibility
developments first.
On Jul 31, 2018, at 9:42 AM, David Ingram <>

hi list members, what version of jaws are being used currently? If
the answers is jaws 2018 or jaws 17 then you should hear all system
sounds. I'currently using jaws version 16.  This means that if you're
using jaws 17 or 2018 with windows 10 version 1803 you should hear
all system soundsI'm going to check to see whether windows 10 version
1803 does the same with firefox?

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Maybe.  But that's what these lists are for.  To ask questions and
get answers if there are any to be had.

On 7/31/2018 10:17 AM, Alan Robbins via Groups.Io wrote:
I wish I had a dollar for every time this thread starts up on this
list as well as other lists. It seems to me there must be a reason
Microsoft stopped having a shut down sound. Has anyone ever taken
the time to research this or ask Microsoft? It would seem to me to
be energy better spend than repeatedly asking this question on
email lists.


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I disagree with that statement about Microsoft not caring about
accessibility. If this were so then why the major and continueing
improvements of Narrator and if this statement was true then Apple
also does not care about accessibility (which of course is not
true) because the iPhone makes neither a startup sound nor a
shutdown sound.

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Taking away the shutdown sound in Windows 10 proves once again that
MS really does not careabout accessibility, contrary to what some
list members believe to the contrary. What possible advantage is
there to having no audible means of confirming that your computer
has completely shut down? On some laptops, the cooling fan is so
weak that it is difficult to impossible to tell whether it is
running just by feeling or placing your ear next to the case, so
this may not be a reliable substitute for the shutdown sound.
Maybe someone who is smarter than me can explain how eliminating
the shutdown sound is an "improvement".



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From: Mario
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in the meantime, it would be appreciated, I think by most blind
and/or sighted users, to send feedback to Microsoft pleeding that
the familiar Windows 7 shutdown sound be reenabled and that any wav
file can be assigned as it was possible with earlier versions of
Windows, i.e. via the sounds applett of the control panel.
there might be a chance MS would consider it if there were
compelling reasons such as for blind users who choose to completely
shutdown their system and are using a laptop (or desktop) that does
not have any means of testing to see if the system is truely
shutdown. the more the reasons that are reasonable, the better the
chance MS might do it. no?

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Subject: shut down sound for windows 10

yup, me too.  I'm gonna use Windows 7 until Microsoft says "no more".
But by then I hope to have learned enough about Windows 10 to at
least use it without too much of an issue.  We shall see about that.

On 7/30/2018 6:24 PM, Gerald Levy wrote:

So how can you tell for sure that your computer has shut down
completely if there is no sound like in Windows 7 and earlier? This
is yet another reason why I'm in no hurry to upgrade to Windows 10.


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With Windows 10, there is no way to assign a shutdown sound.

Pastor Gil

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Subject: shut down sound for windows 10

good afternoon list: how do I assign a sound when windows 10 shuts
Thanks to all in advance.


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