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Mike Cormier <michel.cormier@...>

Hi Pam,

The option to read text automatically is in the JAWS quick settings. When you are in SFB, do an insert+v. the first option is read text automatically and it should be checked. However, even though I have it checked or not, it does not make a difference.

For the demo of how Skype should read incoming text, this is the skype webinar at the Freedom Scientific website. It is among all the webinars that they have. The link follows but do note that this is not Skype for business but just the regular Skype.

It is weird that reading text automatically does not work in SFB but as demonstrated with Skype regular in the webinar, all works perfectly.

I don't know if this is a Skype issue or a JAWS issue. One of our technicians will be speaking with a tech from Microsoft about this issue. Hopefully something will come out of this.


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Hi Mike,

My company also changed from LYNC to SFB, and I am seeing the same behavior you are seeing.

Where do you go to check "Read Text Automatically"?

Can you point me to the FS webinar you mention?

I do use the script for SFB from, but I still need to use the command "[h" to read the message and then use "[I" to get back to the input window.


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Subject: Skype for business weird issue

Good morning,

In my organization, we used to have MS lync. We are moving over to Skype for Business 2016 which is part of the Office suite 2016.

Prior to Skype for business, my MS Lync did not automatically read text messages as they were sent to me. With Skype for business now, it is doing the same. I thought this was normal until I listen to a FS webinar where JAWS was reading the texts as they appeared on the screen. It was giving all kinds of feedback which is very nice.

I verified my sfb settings in JAWS and read text automatically is checked. I even unchecked it and rechecked it and still no change. I hear a sound to alert me when a Skype message arrives or when someone replies to me but JAWS does not read the message unless I shift tab to the message area from the input area to read it manually.

Any help that anyone would have to fix this would be appreciated as I could find nothing on line or in the FS technical support.

Thanks in advance.


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