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I have also been trying to learn to use Google products. I'm finding the
calendar more difficult than any of the other apps.
If your IT department will do it for you, one really good solution is to
have them use GSuite to install an interface that permits you to continue
using Outlook for e-mail, contacts and calendar.
It works seamlessly and transparently with the Google Calendars everyone
else is using.
Definitely worth looking into.

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Subject: need help with Google calendar and Jaws

Hi All: I'm being forced to use Google calendar instead of my beloved
Outlook calendar to match the support staff in a new leadership position
I'm assuming in my institution. I've invested quite a bit of time learning
how to work it with Jaws, and I'm reasonably satisfied except for one
thing--notifications and alerts for meetings and other events. Through
trial and error, I've learned that the calendar overall works best with
the Chrome browser. In Internet Explorer, the shortcut keys don't seem to
work (even after turning off the virtual cursor). BTW, I'm using Windows 7
stll - starting to migrate to Windows 10.
In outlook, it was easy to set a calendar event notification to popup some
time before an event. When it appeared was chosen by me. When the
notification appeared, there was a sound, and a dialogue box appears on
the screen, and I have the option to dismiss the reminder, snooze the
reminder, etc. I'm trying to duplicate this convenient feature in Google
OK. so first, in the Google calendar settings, one can choose for
notification, Desktop Notification or Alert. Not sure what the difference
is - this is my first question. But either way, the option to have a sound
go off with the notification is only available for Desktop Notification,
so I have chosen that option. I have to have a sound.
I've also chosen a default notification timing, 30 minutes before the
OK. Next, when creating an individual event, under notifications, there is
the option for it to be a PopUp, or an email. I don't want to clutter my
in-box any further, so I choose popup. Not sure exactly what that is, but

The problem: notifications may be popping up on my screen somewhere, but
most of the time, there is no sound, so I have no idea that a notification
has come up. Furthermore, if I stumble upon the popup, I can't get Jaws to
read it using e.g., insert + b.

I'm very nervous I'm going to miss important meetings until I get this
figured out!

Here are my specific questions:
1. what is the difference between a desktop notification and alert (in
2. how do I make sure I hear a sound every time?
3. how do I find and read the notification with Jaws?
4. how do I snooze a notification?

Maybe some of the difficulties are related to using Chrome? Is there a
better browser to use that still functions with the shortcut keys? I have
to have the latter so I can easily jump to a date in the future (which you
can do with the G key (after turning off the virtual cursor).
Also, I know I can display Google calendar events in Outlook, but you
can't enter or edit google events from Outlook. The Google bit is required
so that the support staff can see my calendar and add/delete events. I
know they could do that with Outlook Exchange, but that is not an option.

I already feel like I'm having to give up limited bandwidth in my brain
to work the Google calendar, so I hope there are some easy fixes here.
Would be happy to hear from anyone with this depth of experience with
google calendar, offline if that is preferred,

Note that I also use Google calendar on my iPhone, and presently I'm using
that to alert me to meetings so I don't blow it on the first few days in
the new position.

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