Re: shut down sound for windows 10

Don H

People are wanting a shutdown sound not a start up sound. I am only saying that disabling the fast startup does not give you a shutdown sound. I can see a usefulness for a shutdown sound but I can't say it has been a real issue for me.

On 7/31/2018 1:50 PM, Bill White wrote:
Hi, Don. First, the Startup sound does return if Fast Startup is checked, but not the shutdown sound.
Second, Do you get other system sounds, once you are logged on? In other words, do you get a ding sound if you press semicolon when on your desktop?
You must not only check Fast Startup to get a Startup sound. You must also check the box for Startup sound in your Sound settings in the Sounds tab.
Bill White
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Someone said if you uncheck fast startup in the power settings the
startup and shutdown sound options return. On my system they do not.
I wonder how many people that have fast startup enabled know that this
does not do the same as a restart? If you have fast startup enabled you
should on a regular basis do a system restart. I have fast startup
disabled as I think a full shutdown gives you better overall
performance. Can't think that a few more seconds for bootup is a
terrible thing.

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