Severe JAWS stuttering

Don Mauck

Sorry for the cross post. I’ve not seen any one on either list state this as an issue, however, there are two of us here that are having the same problem. The JAWS stutter gets so bad that you can’t complete any task. The speech will get so bad that you think that JAWS has just crashed. It also obviously affects scanning messages, documents and even just reading items off of your desktop.

Both of us also have Lenovo laptops and I’m not ruling that out either. The interesting thing is that I disconnected my Braille display and it has gotten much better, however, that’s not the kind of fix I want. I’m really interested in any feedback I can get to resolve this. We are moth using the latest JaWS2018, but I’ve seen this happening for a while and just thought it was my Laptop. We are using Windows10 and we both tried different versions of JAWS going back to JAWS16 and till have this problem.

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