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On Tue, Jul 31, 2018 at 12:31 PM, Alan Robbins wrote:
Folks could check the archives as well and see all the same answers. Just an option
Amen, but there seems to be a strong aversion to even touching the web interface to search the archives.  I could understand if the idea of web archives were new, but they're not, and we're blessed to have them.

The main archive webpage is:  and the Search button is at the top.

Back to the central subject for a second, the shutdown sound is absolutely no guarantee that the system has shut down, either.  Depending on what tasks/processes you've got running on your system and when they were set up in relationship to others, including the task used for the shutdown sound, it can play anywhere during the shutdown sequence from the beginning to near the end.  If anything hangs post shutdown sound, and that does happen, you will have heard the shutdown sound but the machine is not shut down.  Both the startup and shutdown sounds have never been 100% reliable though on some machines they come mighty darned close while on others they just don't work right.


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