Re: Problem With Laptop Computer Sleep Functions

Don H

Do you have a mouse attached to the computer? If so you need to get into Device Manager and change the settings for the mouse to not allow it to wake the computer. If you don't a slight movement of the mouse will wake the computer up.

On 7/31/2018 8:15 AM, Tom Behler wrote:
I run Microsoft Essentials regularly.
Will certainly call Microsoft Accessibility Help if no other suggestions work.
Tom Behler
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Have you done a virus scan?
Or, it may be time to call Microsoft Accessibility and have them log in and see if they can figure out what is happening.
I hope it gets resolved.
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On Jul 31, 2018, at 3:47 AM, Tom Behler <tombehler@... <mailto:tombehler@...>> wrote:
Hello, everyone.
A few days ago, I started noticing that my Dell Lattitude Windows 7
laptop no longer goes to sleep when not in use.  I have the monitor
set to turn off after a few minutes of non-use both on battery and
AC power.  The same goes for the entire computer itself.
I have gone into the sleep timer menu and verified that everything
is set the way I would like, and made sure to save my changed
settings.  But my computer still runs constantly now, even when it
is not being  used.
I realize that this is likely not a Jaws problem, so I hope it is
not considered to be too “off topic” for this list.
Any help would be appreciated.
Dr.  Tom Behler From Michigan

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