Re: Firefox and JFW 15

Marianne Denning

There is a 64 bit version of jaws 16.

On Jul 28, 2018, at 11:16 PM, Pat Byrne <> wrote:

Sorry, I should have included that this is WIN 64 bit.
PatAt 09:14 PM 7/28/2018, you wrote:
If here he is running windows 10 on the computer he must also have jaws 16 at the minimum.
On Jul 28, 2018, at 8:48 PM, Pat Byrne <> wrote:

i need to tap the group wisdom.
I'm helping a person get a replacement computer configured. He has to stay with JFW 15 and is used to Firefox. The version I downloaded today told me I needed to update my screen reader. What version and I looking for, please?
Appreciate the assistance.
Pat Byrne

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